The apocalypse is upon us…

In the year 2020, North Korea conducted several nuclear air strikes upon South Korean soil. This led to the Three-Days’ War: a nuclear standoff that resulted in the obliteration of much of Middle Eastern civilization, the collapse of Indian democracy, and a new semisocialist regime in the emergent Unified Korean Republic under the leadership of the charismatic and benevolent – although mysterious – ruler known only as Blake. The UKR was quickly ushered into the decaying United Nations and, armed with quite the nuclear arsenal, was elected as a permanent member to the UN Security Council.

With a huge chunk of its oil supply effectively destroyed, the United States dove headfirst into researching a new form of sustainable power led by the brilliant recluse scientist Adrian Dresner. His plans developed an energy source with the misnomer of “Blue Coal” technology. Wildly successful, it was patented by the US government in early 2023 and began implementation in several newly built power plants in the state of California.

Later that year, the limping oil companies retooled Blue Coal technology to better serve their hurting profit margins, creating “Orange Reactors” and building thirteen such power plants all along the eastern coast of the country, much to the chagrin of Dr. Dresner. A grand opening ceremony was had at each plant simultaneously, and as each reactor was turned on and connected to the power grid they exploded all at once. It was later discovered that radio wave interference from the television broadcasts at the plants caused instability and unforeseen output levels in the reactors. The radiation from the explosions quite quickly consumed the eastern half of the US, entered the jet stream, and obliterated a yet unknown amount of European nations.

Very few were evacuated from Western Europe, but a great deal of survivors from the now defunct United States emigrated to Australia. The unanticipated influx of American patriots caused an irreversible power balance change in that nation’s government, and by 2027 a civil war erupted in Australia and rages on to this very day.

In 2029, Blake reformed his government in what was once the former Koreas to include a large portion of Eastern Russia and almost the entirety of an economically floundering China. He renamed his socialist utopia the Chinese Republic of Socialist States. With the rest of the Security Council destroyed or in internal peril, he disbanded the United Nations, gave up all ties with the African and surviving Middle Eastern nations, and focused on bolstering the economy in his own corner of the world. He was praised as a hero and nicknamed the Great Peacemaker, bringing what nations he could together in a state of harmony. He salvaged the designs to orange reaction technology and employed it – along with self-containing radio wave shielding – in a multitude of locations on the coastline of Asia.

When Japan resisted in light of the renewed use of orange reactors, Blake and the CRSS enfolded it entirely into their unified State, wiping out the Japanese government and outlawing a substantial amount of its culture, including its language and its religious ideals and Western ways.

Dr. Dresner went into exile before the destruction of the United States, but apparently not before creating his ultimate masterpiece: a woman – an artificial woman – who runs indefinitely off Blue Coal power and looks quite lovely indeed. By 2042, this LADY ROBOT has made her way from Vermont, across the American Wasteland, and to the Indonesian islands from whence she was brought to the farmlands of the CRSS. It is said she is not just a robot, however. She thinks and feels like a human.

It is said, as a matter of fact, that she has a soul.

The Lady Robot

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