Jonah Farias

Double-crossing Australian human trafficking middleman


Encounter 1 (19Jun2042):

Mr. Farias had information about the absolute slaughter of the Snatch Bandicoots. Lachlin Bailey and Bernard Cork were the only survivors and were now wanted by authorities in both Western Australia and the United Australian Republic for these murders which they surely did not commit. They had been on a job, just the two of them, apart from the rest of their team, when they had discovered that Mr. Farias had been selling information on the bounty hunting team to hostile drug lords from the CRSS. After their team’s wanton destruction, Lachlin and Bernard followed a lead on the fleeing Mr. Farias’s whereabouts, which led their journey to Singapore. Once there it took the two merely a day to track their quarry, finally encountering him in the bazaars. He fled once more, physically running into Jianjun Wang and nearly barreling right over the sturdy Buddhist monk. Mr. Farias quickly stammered that he needed the charitable monk’s help, and Jianjun knocked a hay cart over to impede the two hunters’ progress.

Jonah Farias

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