Bernard Cork

Alleged demon slayer

Age: 37 Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Envy


Intelligence •••• Strength •• Presence •
Wits ••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •••
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure ••


Mental Physical Social
Academics Athletics • Animal Ken
Computer Brawl •• Empathy
Crafts • Drive • Expression
Investigation ••• Firearms ••• Intimidation ••
Medicine ••• Larceny Persuasion •
Occult • Stealth • Socialize
Politics Survival •• Streetwise ••
Science Weaponry •• Subterfuge

Skill Specialties

Drive – pilot
Survival – tracking
Weaponry – swords

Skill Tricks

Butcher (Weaponry)
Trick Shot (Firearms)
Master Tracker (Survival)


Armory •••
Barfly •
Common Sense ••••
Demonic Familiar, Imp •••••
Fame ••
Language (Chinese) •
Quick Draw ••
Resources ••


Counter (Firearms)
Blood, Sweat, and Tears (Survival)
Skill Trick (Weaponry)


Health: •••••••
Heroic Health: •
Willpower: ••••
Arete: •
Morality: 5 (Narcissist)
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Armor: 2/3
Initiative Mod: 5


One fateful night in Penola, Australia, in the same outhouse he was conceived in eight months prior, Bernard Cork was born into the world.

Realizing the severity of their situation, Bernard’s parents left him upon the steps of the local order of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, along with a handwritten note tied to the neck of a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. It read, “To whichever nun is unlucky enough to answer the door, please take care of this kid. You’ll be doing us a major solid. Here’s some whiskey to sweeten the deal.”
And so the boy was taken in by the sisters, and although the whiskey was promptly destroyed, it would serve important when it came to naming the boy. When he turned three it was decided they might as well name him, so he was christened Bernard Cork. Bernard after Australian tennis sensation Bernard Tomic, and Cork after the town in Ireland where the whiskey was produced.

Although very well educated, Bernard began to resent the nuns. Finding their religion harder and harder to believe, Bernard also had a lust that the Brown Joey nuns couldn’t fulfill. A lust for violence. And liquor. And money. Also women. So at sixteen years old Bernard left Penola and headed toward Sydney. It was a difficult journey. He hid himself in the boxcars of trains, he hitched rides with the rare vehicle that passed his way. He walked, fighting off the wildlife of the outback with a gun he stole from a local constable. He even considered riding in the pouch of a kangaroo, but it proved to be way too gross.

Once in Sydney, Cork spent a number of years competing in fight clubs held by the different bars. He would do well and they’d give him room and board. And drinks. Eventually he caught the attention of a completely different Jameson, this one a mercenary from the Americas. Jameson was putting together a team of mercenaries in Australia, and he wanted Bernard by his side. They were called the Snatch Bandicoots, and although officially they hunted Bandicoots, it was quite often they took jobs directly related to the civil war.

Although the membership would change quite often, the core members of the Bandicoots were consistently Bernard Cork,Lachlin Bailey, Prickly Pete Morris, Robert Longhorn, Gumbo Walles, and Jameson – just Jameson. On particularly dangerous missions Bernard would act as bersker. They would fill him up with liquor and pain killers, then send him out to cause as much mayhem as possible, while Bailey would cover him from afar with his sniper rife. Before long the Bandicoots became Bernard’s family. Lachlin was his brother, and Jameson like his father. The rest of the guys were like cousins or something. Except Prickly Pete, that guy was a royal ass.

Bernard Cork

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